Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Using an Electronic Slab Leak Detection Inspection in Burbank, CA to Cut Costs and Prevent Damage to Your Home

Electronic leak detection is a plumbing technology that can help you uncover leaks without major disruption to your home or your wallet.  In fact,  at Burbank Super Plumbers in Burbank, CA we’re skilled at using electronic slab leak detection service to uncover below-ground leaks before they result in high costs and property damage. Using a certified contractor with the proper equipment to detect leaks below ground can save you thousands of gallons of water, and thousands of dollars, too.

Electronic detection can reveal problems that are hidden beneath slabs, underground, and in walls. With so many homes built on slabs, leak problems have become more and more commonplace. If there’s a hot spot on the slab floor or in a wall, your water bill is increasing or your water meter running for no reason, you’re likely looking at a leak. But it doesn’t mean the end of the world. Even sewer and water service lines can also be inspected with a small amount of disruption, allowing trenchless repairs to take place easily. Electronic detection can also detect cracks in cement, dry wall, or plaster, to prevent problems with outside water leakage, too.

Routine inspection means prevention before problems get out of hand. With fast, easy detection, solutions to leaks are less costly and time consuming than in the past, with equipment capable of
pin-pointing a leak’s location without having to tear up foundations just to locate a problem.

And once a problem is located? Spot repair and re-piping or re-routing can rapidly and easily performed. Spot repair involves opening the slab exactly where the leak is located, and repairing that spot only. If plumbing systems are over ten years old, or more extensive leaking is taking place, re-piping or re-routing repair is the way to go, again with minimal invasion to the slab.

In short, we use quality equipment to detect hidden leaks wherever they occur, behind walls or underground. And that means simple repairs before major damage has a chance to occur.

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